We design handmade pieces and that is why we ask you some patient in order to receive your new jewelry. Our standrd post time for new production is 30 business days, while for pieces in stock is 3 business days. Still we always keep in touch to send you news. 

Eventually we may have jewelry in stock. For more information please contact us!


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WEE JOIAS   Vinicius Nogueira Fais 41931097801   CNPJ 31.185.990/0001-03   Avenida Barão de Monte Mor, 341 São Paulo, SP, Brasil   CEP 05687-010

entregamos para todo o brasil - postagem em até 3 dias úteis (peças pronta entrega) e até 30 dias úteis (peças sob encomenda)

para mais informações entre em contato pelo e-mail

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